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Solid Lubricated Bronze Bearing

1. The #50B solid lubricated bronze bearing is made primarily from copper alloy with HB>60. The working surface of the oilless bearing with solid lubricant is specially treated with drilled holes.

2. The high-strength bearing is suitable for medium-duty and moderate-speed operations. It can be used at high temperature with strong corrosion resistance. Our customers can select either #50AB or #50B based on practical use.

3. Please choose the part number in accordance with the required inner diameter, outer diameter, and length of the copper alloy bearing.

4. For instance, the ordering code of the solid lubricated bronze bearing is DNB-#50B-101408 under conditions of 10mm inner diameter, 14mm outer diameter, and 8mm length.

5. Please check the PDF document for specific size parameters.

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