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Solid Lubricated Copper Bearing

1. The #50HP solid lubricated copper bearing is based on high-hardness copper alloy with HB>245. It is a kind of solid lubricant inlaid non-oil bearing. A certain proportion of holes are drilled in the wear-resistant surface.

2. In view of mechanical strength and hardness, this product is superior to both #50SP1 and #50SP5. With ultra high carrying capacity, it is suitable for those with low speed, high precision, and no impact.

3. In addition, the #50HP solid lubricated copper bearing gives the best wear-resisting property when compared to #50SP1 and #50SP5. It is an ideal wear-resistant bearing for injection molding machines and so on.

4. Please choose a suitable product among #50SP1, #50SP5, and #50HP in accordance with specific working conditions.

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