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Water Lubricated Brass Bearing

The #50SP1-SL4 water lubricated brass bearing is constructed from high-strength ordinary brass with HB>210 by adoption of state-of-the-art casting technology. It is a type of oil-less bearing inset with water lubricant. Based on working conditions, a certain proportion of holes are drilled on its wear-resistant surface. Mechanical strength of the product is similar to that of #50SP1-SL1.

1. The water lubricated brass bearing is ideal for use at heavy load and low speed.
2. SL-4 lubricant is mainly composed of PTFE, thus featuring superb water lubrication and extremely low coefficient of friction. Operating temperature of SL-4 is less than 300 degrees Celsius.
3. #50SP1-SL4 is particularly suitable for seawater lubrication. For instance, it can be applied in water turbines or ships. Also, it can act as a pharmaceutical machinery bearing or a beverage machine bearing.

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