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Solid Lubricated Brass Bearing

The #50SP1-SL1 solid lubricated brass bearing is basically made from high-strength brass with HB>210 by adoption of first-class casting technology. Wear-resistant surface of the oil-free bearing is inset with ordinary solid lubricant, and a certain proportion of holes are drilled according to working conditions.

This product has broken through the limitation of conventional bearings depending on oil film lubrication. It can realize solid lubrication and axle friction when in use. Then, it gives an excellent condition of oil-powder lubrication. In others words, the oilless self-lubricating bearing can prevent axle from abrasion, and also make solid lubricant everlasting. Both its mechanical strength and hardness are high.

Operating Environment
The solid lubricated brass bearing can be used under heavy-duty and low-speed working conditions. SL-1 is an ordinary solid lubricant that has outstanding wear-resisting property and chemical stability. Its operating temperature reaches less than 400℃. #50SP1SL1 is applicable to all kinds of general machines such as the excavators, injection molding machines, metallurgical continuous casting machines, and more.

1. Long-term use without maintenance
2. Wide range of applications under heavy-duty, low-speed working conditions
3. The solid lubricated brass bearing can offer outstanding wear-resistance performance especially when applied in those with hardly formable oil film, reciprocating motion, oscillating motion, and frequent start-stop.
4. Metal substrate has superb shock-absorbing capacity.
5. The mechanical bearing can be used within an ultra wide temperature range.
6. Extremely low wear rate and long lifespan

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